We focus our technology on what the market demands: an enhanced consumer experience, robust order transparency, seamless process efficiency, consistent communication, and stringent compliance.  The Valuation Connect innovative platform leverages in-depth, real-time data to ensure our appraiser network has the analytics needed for a precise valuation.  Sophisticated tools and workflow functionality allow for seamless and fast delivery of reports, status and communication.

Sluice Mobile App from Valuation Connect

Sluice Mobile App

Valuation Connect mobile app connects lenders and vendors allowing fast and simple order processing, real-time collaboration, status updates, information, notifications and scheduling.

Ordering appraisals is made simple through the apps intuitive, easy to use design which dramatically improves efficiency and enhances the mortgage appraisal experience.

Download the Sluice Mobile App from Google Play
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Drone Valuations – Innovative Solutions for a Changing Landscape

Homebuyer behaviors are changing, the valuation industry remains the core delay in the digital process where faster results are needed. Valuation Connect is at the forefront of innovation and the use of Drones.

  • Solid Drone Capabilities in Many Markets with Expansion into all 50 States Actively Underway

  • Innovative Futuristic Valuation Solutions by Delivering Technology, Modernized Processes, Coupled with Ease and Simplicity