“Our unique customer-centric culture coupled with strong operational excellence and superior technology play pivotal roles in our success.”

– Sheri Yoho, Executive Vice President

Improve Performance, Meet Standards

Valuation Connect provides a full range of traditional, hybrid and customizable products to help improve operational performance and meet compliance standards. Our technology leverages an intelligent appraiser selection algorithm based on experience, previous performance and loan type resulting in high quality and accurate reports in record speed for more than 50 key markets.

Our Default Division provides comprehensive traditional, non-traditional and alternative default solutions for all loan and property types including commercial and multi-family. Valuation Connects’ prequalified, credentialed and closely monitored appraisers are fully trained to ensure your key communication protocols and processes are followed. Plus, our flexible, scalable technology platform provides full transparency into the order work-flow and allows for change orders and upgrades with a click of the mouse.

Default Valuation Services Benefits

  • Customizable Quality & Underwriting Guidelines can be Defined to Streamline the Appraisal Review Process
  • Intelligent Appraiser Management & Assignment Process Using Distinct Vetting by Focusing on Property Type, Geographic Expertise & Loan Type
  • Valuation Professionals Licensed & Qualified with Extensive Experience in REO & Default Markets
  • Consumer-Centric Communications & Training Materials
  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities & Real-Time Status Updates
  • Fully Vetted, Experienced Appraisers – Consistently Monitored for Meeting Top Performance Metrics
  • Sophisticated Order Management System – Seamless Integration with All LOS Systems
  • Dedicated Quality Control & Compliance Team
  • Client-Dedicated Teams with 24 Hour Appraisal Hotline
  • Flexible Pricing Models to Promote Fee Transparency
  • Fast Turn-Around Times
  • 100% Internal Quality Control Review of All Reports