Our customers view Valuation Connect as a company who listens to their needs and collaborate on solutions to meet their demands.

Expertise in Home Equity Valuations

Valuation Connect provides a full range of traditional, hybrid and customizable products to help improve operational performance and meet emerging USPAP and IAG compliance standards. Our technology leverages an intelligent appraiser selection algorithm based on previous quality and performance related to client, property type, geographic location and product type resulting in high quality and expedient delivery nationwide.

Our Home Equity Valuations Division delivers strong insight into the property’s condition and seamless waterfall upgrade functionality ensures the most appropriate home valuation product is used for every order.

Our experienced team provides operational excellence, rigorous quality control and an enhanced consumer experience for each and every order.

Traditional HELOC Services

  • FNMA/FHA Standard 1004/1073

  • FNMA/FHA 1025 Multi-Family Traditional

  • FNMA/FHA 2055/1075 Drive-By Appraisals

  • FHA Non-Traditional

  • REO Appraisals

  • Warranty Available

Non-Traditional HELOC Services

  • Multiple AVMs-Cascading Logic

  • Desktop Appraisals

  • Appraiser Assisted Valuations

  • Evaluations

  • AVM/PCR/Analyst Review

  • Bifurcated Inspection Valuations

  • Property Condition Reports

  • Disaster Inspection Reports

  • Reconciliations

  • Broker Price Opinions

  • À la carte Solutions

Valuation Connect Home Equity Valuation Services Benefits

  • Interior Inspection Available

  • Customizable to Client Specifications

  • Fully Vetted, Experienced Appraiser

  • Sophisticated Order Management System Seamlessly Integrates with Key LOS Platforms

  • Meets Regulatory Requirements for Home Equity Lending

  • Industry Leading Turn Times

  • 100% Internal Quality Control Review of All Reports

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Sluice Mobile App

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Valuation Connect provides our partners in the field to improve efficiency by providing the power to accept orders, scheduling inspection appointments, viewing orders details, and communication with us in real-time.

The app’s intuitive design enhances the valuation experience by streamlining order processing and creating interactive critical communication touchpoints between stakeholders.