Enhancing the Appraisal Experience

Designed around the special challenges facing Mortgage Lenders, Correspondents, and Servicers, Valuation Connect delivers unmatched operational efficiencies while ensuring quality reporting, consistency and regulatory compliance. As pioneers of the industry’s service first model, we also ensure the consumer’s experience is unlike any other during the stressful loan process.

Our service level and satisfaction reports prove our expertise and processes result in faster turn times, an enhanced transactional experience, and unparalleled report quality.

Multi-Factored Vetting & Assignment

Multi Factored Vetting & Appraiser Assignment

We have engineered a client-centric Appraisal Management platform that combines excellence in customer service with sophisticated technology. 

Our intelligent appraisal management and assignment process leverages an advanced vetting algorithm based on multiple profiles including property type, value, historical data, appraiser expertise and loan type.  This assures the most experienced, qualified and highly rated network professional is assigned to the property.

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Introducing Sluice

Valuation Connect offers our field partners a mobile app to use to accept orders, set appointments and communicate with us from any location at any time.

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Our sophisticated technology connects lenders, consumers, and vendors allowing real-time collaboration, status updates, information, notifications and scheduling.

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