We Prize Our Appraiser Relationships

At Valuation Connect, we value our relationships and take pride in our mission of changing the way AMCs operate. We know one measure of our success is how well we maintain our appraiser relationships, which includes a genuine partnership with fair fees and knowledgeable staff to provide effective communication.

The best way we know to demonstrate that our words actually do mirror our actions is directly through the following unsolicited messages from the appraisers who work with us.

“Best AMC I have worked with and pleasant people to deal with over the phone. I hope to have a long partnership with you for the future.”
-An appraiser in Ardsley, NY

“Valuation Connect is VERY pleasant to interact with. Knowledgeable underwriters who understand the field. Polite and friendly staff who are VERY pleasant to talk to.  One of the BEST we work with!”
-An appraiser in Rochester, NH

“Your AMC is unlike any other.  I appreciate that you have appraisers reviewing my work and most revisions are actually legitimate requests.  The fee is a big attraction.  Keep up the great work!!!”
-An appraiser in Denver, CO

“Much of what we do in this business is based on people and the relationships they develop both within and with their clients. The people I deal with at Valuation Connect are far superior to any others I have known in the industry.”
-An appraiser in Dedham, MA

“Please keep the work coming. It’s a pleasure to work with you guys.”
-An appraiser in Denver, CO

“You guys have been a pleasure to work with.”
-An appraiser in New York, NY

“We have just started working with Valuation Connect this year and have been very happy with communication, payment turn-around and assignment type matches product ordered. Many AMCs just order everything as a 1004 and then we have to prove to them it is a 2-4 family or condo or etc…”
-An appraiser in Cranston, RI

“I enjoy your business.  Your orders are concise, and your due dates are reasonable and flexible.  Your payments are frequent and timely.  Thank you for your business.”
-An appraiser in Peotone, IL

“I enjoy working with your firm and staff. Among the best. As one of the most qualified appraisers in south Florida I’d like to do more work with your firm.”
-An appraiser in Lake Worth, FL

“I do enjoy working with Valuation Connect, they understand the appraiser when he has a problem in regards to an appraisal.”
-An appraiser in Kingston, PA

“Very Pleased With All Aspects Of This AMC.”
-An appraiser in Terryville, CT

“It’s a pleasure working with you.”
-An appraiser in Bedford, OH

“I find most of the staff very helpful and professional.  Overall, Valuation Connect is my preferred AMC.  I have actually asked a few to stop sending me work due to lack of professionalism and knowledge.”
-An appraiser in Saugus, MA

“The customer service team is a pleasure to work with.”
-An appraiser in Manchester, NH

“Valuation Connect is one of the top clients for us. It is a pleasure to work with professionals.”
-An appraiser in Schaumburg, IL

“I would like to say that the company is good to work with and has a reliable payment schedule.”
-An appraiser in Sterling Heights, MI

“Overall, I am satisfied with Valuation Connect’s staff and business model. I look forward to continuing the positive business relationship in the future.”
-An appraiser in Westminster, CO

“Overall, it is a pleasure working with you.”
-An appraiser in New Milford, CT

“Valuation Connect is a great company to do business with. The personal contact and educated staff is unlike any other AMC. They make you feel like part of their team and not just a number in their system. Valuation Connect has changed the way I view AMCs.”
– Brandon W.

“By the way, I greatly appreciate the work I am getting from Valuation Connect… your staff has been extremely friendly and your pay schedule is fantastic… the best I’ve seen.”
– Jon L.

“You’re going to make my life so easy. I’m going to be able to go trout fishing more…And thank you for all the business you send me. Your crew in Colorado is great to work with.”
– Bill K.

“It’s great working for you guys. I have to tell you that everyone I have talked to in your office is incredibly friendly, professional and outgoing.”
– Christopher Y.

“Thank you for the invitation to join the Valuation Connect appraiser panel. I appreciate the fact that by asking for work samples, your company is concerned with appraisal quality too – not just fee and turn time…”
– Sonny C.

“As you know AMCs have presented us both with some challenges in the past. Valuation Connect has been a refreshing change. Our interactions so far have been positive. They have actual seasoned appraisers which we can reach quickly by email or phone when we have issues.”
– Dan P.

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