Meet Our Management Team

Bob Franco

Bob Franco

Mr. Franco is the President of Mortgage Connect. He is an industry veteran with over 27 years of experience in the Title, Close and Appraisal Vendor Management Industry. Bob has held leadership positions with LSI, Prudential, Merrill Lynch, EFS, FNF, First American and USAA. He is experienced in starting and building successful organizations from the ground up and has a unique background having had the experience as both the lender and as a service provider. Most recently, he was a founding member, owner and the former President of ULS. ULS was sold to USAA Real Estate Company in 2011 and Mr. Franco continued to lead the organization and maintained a role on the ULS/USAA Real Estate Company Board of Directors for 6 years. He is well known for building centralized production platforms designed to out-think, out-work and out-perform with a strong commitment and a continued focus on the consumer experience. Simply put, his management style is designed to think more and react less. Bob is Six Sigma certified and is well known as an effective problem solver with a can-do attitude. His expertise and focus in regulatory and compliance matters is unsurpassed and has allowed Mortgage Connect to stay on the forefront of ever changing new regulations. Mr. Franco earned his BSBA in Finance and a minor in Quantitative Business Analysis from Robert Morris University. Mr. Franco currently resides in Beaver County with his wife and 3 children.

Andrew Bough, Executive Vice President & Head of Valuations at Valuation Connect

Andrew Bough
Executive Vice President & Head of Valuations

Andrew Bough is Executive Vice President & Head of Valuations at Valuation Connect.  In his leadership role at Valuation Connect, Andrew is responsible for the overall management and performance of every aspect of Valuation Connect.   He oversees the ongoing development of key initiatives including the expansion of a best in class panel as well as valuation products and services.

A certified appraiser since 1993, Andrew has held important executive roles with regulated US lenders, including operations, and management of collateral risk for retail and wholesale lines.  Previously, Andrew has served as the Executive Vice President and Chief Valuation Officer at Solidifi, Managing Director of Valuation at JP Morgan Chase, and head of credit and valuations at ING Direct USA.

Andrew currently resides in Thousand Oaks, CA.